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Meet the Owners

Tim Perrin

Tim Perrin

Senior Designer and Inventor

A product designer by trade, Tim has studied design and plastics, and has numerous patented designs and inventions.

Kyle Perrin

Kyle Perrin


Kyle has a B.S. degree in engineering from Purdue University, with certification in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Gail Perrin

Gail Perrin

Artist and Educator

As an art major with a B.A. degree from Cardinal Stritch University, Gail blends artistry and technology, creating a variety of colors and designs.

Innovation as a Lifestyle

Tim, Gail, and Kyle have applied their knowledge and talents in diverse areas as craftsmen, hobbyists, knife makers, woodworkers, and jewelers. Perrin Custom Design’s technical expertise is an important part of the company. The artistry that Gail brings to the team allows us to work with you to customize projects for you and your customers, offering you the perfect color combinations and designs.

“We’re innovators!” Tim says with a smile. “We’re always looking for ways to make things better and stronger.”

We’re innovators! We’re always looking for ways to make things better and stronger.

Tim Perrin

As a team, we constantly challenge each other to find something new and better in design and color—even in the creation of new products. We collaborate with other talented craftspeople in the industry as well, to help you achieve your goals. Let us partner with you to assist you in creating something new and unique!

All of us at Perrin Custom Design combine our diverse expertise to provide artistic innovation in synthetic component material that will inspire artisans in all areas of interest.


Perrin Custom Design got its start in Wisconsin when young Tim and his father shared their passion for building and fixing things. Together they developed an interest in knife making, and that interest was passed along to Tim’s son, Kyle, and later to Tim’s wife, Gail.

As Tim, Gail, and Kyle began attending knife shows on a regular basis, they learned more about the craft and became well-known within the knife making community. It was at the knife shows that they kept hearing from other craftspeople that variety and diversity in component materials were lacking. People were tired of seeing the same old things. The team clearly saw that their mission was to create new and different components in response to that demand, and appeal to artisans looking for the next groundbreaking idea.

Perrin Custom Design began experimenting with resin products, and knife making was the company’s main focus. As innovators, it didn’t take long for them to see the incredible potential of their product for use other than that of knife components. They looked beyond the horizon to crafts that included pistol grips, pens and jewelry, and this led to the birth of Perrinite TM thermoset resin products.

What’s Ahead?

Moving forward, we ask ourselves: What else can we do? Perrin Custom Design is a dynamic company—always learning, growing, and innovating. Our potential and that of our customers is only limited by our imagination.

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