Perrin Products

Innovative Thermoset Resin Components for Hobbies, Crafts, and Jewelry

PerriniteTM  is our own exclusive thermoset resin product. It’s the result of our unique manufacturing process, and is what allows us to provide you with a diverse array of colors and designs that is limited only by your imagination.

We produce Perrinite in either slabs or rounds, as well as in cast, finished forms for items like gun grips or jewel shapes. We offer textured and checked finishes, too. Perrinite is machining friendly—you can sand it, cut it, and use a router on it. It’s capable of achieving a high gloss finish with wet sanding and/or buffing.

Please note that each item is serialized, meaning that when you place your order, the item shown is exactly what you will receive. Prices shown here include shipping and handling for orders within the continental United States (excluding Alaska). Contact us for out-of-area shipping and handling.


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